Saturday, 13 October 2012

If My iPhone Camera Could Talk...

There are a lot of reasons why most of the stuff I bake doesn't make it onto this blog. A lot of the time it's because people order cakes that I've already posted recipes for - I've lost count of the number of Cookies and Cream cupcakes I've made in the last two years but I'd say it's something in the region of 7, 342, 432. Or thereabouts.
Sometimes I don't like the final product enough to blog it or I don't like the pictures I took on my camera or I don't get a chance to take photographs and I absolutely refuse to post recipes without photos! What is a food blog without the food porn after all?
For a lot of reasons, I'd say 70% of my baking doesn't make it on here. 

However I often take pictures on my phone and sometimes post them on Twitter, or on Facebook, or more recently, since I've become addicted to Instagram, I'll usually pimp my pictures and post them on there. 

So today's post is a short one. And a visual one. It's behind the scenes, an up close and personal look at some of my baking over the last year :)

Have a good weekend! This is my first (and last) weekend for a while where I've got lots of time to myself to do as I choose so I'm planning to go cra-a-azy and ... do ... absolutely nothing.

Update: It's been pointed out to me that I didn't supply my Instagram handle in case any of you wants to follow me on Instagram ... my apologies; it is vickii373


Nabila said...

YAY! My cake is there!!! We loved it!! Gosh I want cake now!!

Adura said...

Only two cakes I ordered made it here? Refund please!!! ;)

Oooh, I love this, gives me an idea of what to order next... for a friend :|

Vickii said...

@Nabila - Of course it is! I'm so glad you loved it! Ha ha I always want cake after I do a blog post and ironically for a baker, I never have any!

@Adura - I can only see one cake you ordered on here but perhaps I should't point that out to you ;p
You know my rules on ordering entire cakes "for a friend" - I need names as I don't trust you ;p

Bella Joya said...

oh you did not mention your instagram handle so that fellow instagrmers can come stalk you

Vickii said...

Good point Bella Joya :) It's on there now :)