Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Miss Blogging. Oh, and ‘Me’ in 52 sentencees.

I was reading through my old blog; I’m not most girls - which I haven’t done for years! – and it made me realise how much I miss blogging! It was probably the most committed relationship I have ever had with a body of writing and reading it back almost felt like reading a diary as it reminded me of significant events in my life, and what was important to me. I read a few of my regrets,  how confused I was about a guy who I really liked then but who I absolutely have no interest in now and remembered my sister's wedding.

I know that my baking blog is also a blog but I think I’m going to try and write more non-baking/cooking related stuff too.

One of the things that was huge in Blogville back in the day was Memes. I have no idea whether ‘Meme’ is an acronym or if it is an actual word and what it means but you don’t need to know any of that stuff to enjoy it! It was basically like a chain blog. So you blog about something and challenge everybody that reads your blog to write about the same thing on their blog. Now there were a lot of Memes going round so I tried to be rather discerning about which ones I did. This was one of the only ones I did and I even did a follow up. Clearly, I love talking about myself! So here I am, doing it again … apologies to anyone who read the first two as there might be some overlap. Oh and apologies to anyone who doesn’t give a damn about me and just came here to look at pictures of cakes!

Here goes …

I don’t keep a diary. I have attempted to about 4 times but each time, I lose interest after a few days. I think diaries are amazing because they capture how you felt on a particular day, or in a moment. I am currently reading ‘Oliver Twist’. I finished reading Oliver Twist since I wrote that last sentence. I have two tattoos. If I go to Vegas this summer, I’m getting a third one. On my wrist. I don’t have any qualms about turning 30 whatsoever. If I got married tomorrow, I’d have 7 bridesmaids. I’m extremely into the world cup at the moment. I am supporting Greece, Nigeria, England and Slovenia (sweepstake not by choice). Ultimately, I want England to win. I started writing this before England lost woefully to Germany. I’m wondering if my heart can take the constant disappointment. I love nicely scented body lotions and butters. I genuinely believe Ben & Jerry’s (yes, the ice cream company!) hate me. They discontinued my three favourite flavours; Dublin Mudslide, Chocolate Therapy and Fossil Fuel. And finally after a few years of so-so flavours, they’ve come up with Cheesecake Brownie but it is hardly sold anywhere! I am openly jealous of other mixed race people with lovely, soft, curly hair. As a child I wanted to be an architect. After University, I decided that journalism was where it was at. Then I was convinced that book publishing was the perfect career for me. Perhaps it still is, though maybe not in the same way that I thought. I have an Amazon wish list. I add more books to it than I buy from it. I’ve spent New Years Eve in Lagos every year for the last five years. I think the best smell in the world is the smell of frying onions. I also love the smell of petrol. My favourite film is ‘The Notebook’. I’ve seen it at least thirty times! Close favourites are ‘American History X’, ‘My Name is Sam’ and ’10 Things I hate about You’. I have never been in love. With a person I mean; I have been in love with food, and films, and songs and all sorts of other things! I have a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I’ve only done about 12 of them and my 1001 days is up in January 2011. I go to the gym or for boot camp on average 5 times a week. I ran a half marathon in 2009. I’m doing another one this October. I want to run a marathon one day. Preferably the New York marathon. I speak Greek. I want to learn Spanish. I would like to learn how to play the guitar. My favourite city in the world is New York. I think Greece is the most beautiful country in the world. I’m committed to my celebrity crushes; Joshua Jackson and Josh Hartnett – I’ve loved them for years! I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. I am strangely proud of that fact. I love theme parks but when I’m on a ride, all I can do is imagine the headlines if anything goes wrong. I make sure I read at least four classics a year. I have no idea if this is exactly 52 sentences :D


Ms Afropolitan said...

When reading these types of pieces, I have a tendency to compare likes and dislikes.
I too love the notebook. I also keep one, in form of a journal and have done since I was six. I'm not sure whether the feeling of falling in love with something and someone are comparable. Perhaps they are, because both seem a bit ephemeral to me.
Lol at Ben & Jerry's not looking out for you.

Fascinating post, I think it's a great idea to throw in some personal posts as you cook up new recipes ;)

Vickii said...

@Ms Afropolitan: You're one of those journal keepers that I've always envied! Do you ever read back over your old ones?

1511th said...

Awwwwww i know more about you. Thanks for sharing.

Yetsa said...

This was such a joy to read!